Rastafarian Jamaica

Jamaica's amazing Beaches and Rastafarian Culture

When you think of Jamaica do you visualize the beautiful beaches and think of Kingston or Montego Bay? Or do you wonder about the religion of Rastafarian? Both are a part of the country and understanding both will give you a greater appreciation of a beautiful Caribbean land.

Jamaica is an excellent Tourist Destination for Fun in the Sun

Jamaica is a tourist destination that at once appeals to the mind, body and soul offering something for everyone. It is a place where a family can vacation in safety, filling their days with sun, fun and fresh air; and the young adults can move to the beat of Jamaican music which touches the soul in a more primitive, but spiritually fulfilling manner.

Jamaica's Rasta's

While today Jamaica is one of the outstanding tourist destinations in the world, the history of the country dates back to before Columbus arrived in 1484 and was only inhabited by the Arawaks, a simple people who lived off the land. Time and trouble usually follows the beginning of civilization and so too in Jamaica with the Spanish invading, pirates, slavery, the rise and fall of sugar plantations, the fight for independence and the arrival of a Jamaican religious movement, Rastafarianism, whose roots spring from Marcus Garvey who founded the religion, but made popular in the 1930s by Leonard Howell who preached to his believers. "Do not return to Africa until Jamaica had been liberated".

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